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Business Intelligence - Financial Services Industry

The financial services industry faces increasing challenges every day. Change in this industry is more rapid than ever before, and the enterprise that competes in this market must find new and better ways to attract and retain clients and to ensure compliance with industry and government regulations. Strict national and international governance and regulation, and merger and acquisition activities require dependable strategies to ensure legal and industry compliance.

The business user must monitor product, transaction and fraud and risk data on a daily basis to leverage the full value of data, mitigate risk, and capitalize on market opportunities. Competitive challenges make it more difficult to retain existing customers, and acquire new clients. To be successful in this environment, an enterprise must establish and monitor appropriate security and metrics, identify and support profitable customers, improve operations at the grass roots level and achieve true business intelligence to understand and improve portfolio performance and predict and forecast results based on trends and business patterns.

Aumento BI Implementation for Financial services - Benefits at a Glance

True business intelligence (BI) can support, grow and ensure the success of the financial service enterprise and the business user and professional.
  • Operational Reporting - Financial services Operational Reporting enables the user to identify and focus on business factors that are in need of improvement or streamlining. Your enterprise can maximize operational efficiency and increase profit margins by establishing and cascading strategy, and monitoring operational and tactical performance and key performance indicators (KPIs) and metrics. Automated alerts enable the business users to customize information views and receive updates when a critical threshold has been crossed, thereby ensuring that corrective action is taken swiftly and decisively.
  • Consumer Credit Management - Consumer Credit Management and analysis facilitates centralized administration of all consumer information, with data integrated from various enterprise systems and sources. Users can create personalized dashboards to view this information in a way that is meaningful to them. They can summarize data and drill through data to present results in charts, graphs, and gauges for presentations and analysis. OLAP analysis and powerful forecasting and predictive analysis algorithms are designed for simplicity of use and may be used by every business user without the assistance of a programmer or expert. Users can analyse consumer credit and monitor activity to identify the most profitable markets, customers and demographics, and to mitigate default and risk.

Aumento BI Implementation for Insurance - Benefits at a Glance
  • Balance the risk involved with business and growth while maintaining regulatory compliance
  • Ensure regulatory, governmental and industry compliance
  • Establish, monitor and adapt compensation strategies
  • Produce BI Reports for management on performance, customer demographics and other factors
  • Analyze and act on customer business intelligence
  • Manage and forecast assets and portfolios with full insight into patterns and trends
  • Establish matrices and sales performance targets and monitor results against these targets with complete transparency into the root cause of shortfalls and immediate notice of issues
  • Provide a 360° view of risk, customer profiles, products, services, regions, sales, marketing and other information
  • Enhance customer profitability, improve customer service and reduce operating costs and risk
  • Support data schemas for large, complex elements with data drilling and slice and dice at any level
  • Robust, secured, browser-based architecture ensures complete protection of financial data
  • Leverage investment in existing systems by aggregating data across diverse locations and systems to analyze employee performance, risk, branch profitability, credit performance and customer relationship
  • Fulfill user needs for diverse views and perspectives and provide custom support for individual roles, functions and team activities
  • Boost revenue by identifying and cross selling products
  • Improve efficiency of the overall business process and the speed and confidence of decisions
  • Assess all aspects of organization performance, e.g., income, profit, customer satisfaction, flexibility, transformation and growth
  • Leverage powerful analytical and reporting tools for any ad-hoc or regular reporting requirement
  • Perform profit analysis, and find and retain the most profitable customers, develop and analyze services, and manage and mitigate credit risk.
  • Create simple, intuitive reports, standardize portfolio and credit analysis; and achieve full insight into financial and operational results