Aumento successfully completes the design of Solution for Analytics and Mobility for a leading Medical Devices manufacturing company.
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Business Intelligence For Manufacturing

The manufacturing industry has undergone significant changes in the past several decades. Global competition is greater today than ever before in history. Local or regional manufacturers can no longer hope to achieve a competitive advantage based on location and geography alone. Products, pricing, process, quality and features drive the market and consumers are willing to purchase products from competitors to get more favorable pricing or a better, more suitable product.

Increasing raw material costs and declining profit margins combine with government regulatory compliance policies to create a nearly impossible juggling act for even the most sophisticated manufacturing enterprise.

The manufacturing enterprise must carefully monitor and analyse competitors, local, regional and international, and find ways to optimise resources and achieve maximum productivity with minimum investment. Manufacturers combine innovative plans for growth with optimised, streamlined operations and resource allocation, sustain effective raw material inventory and avoid doing business with undependable suppliers, distributors and partners.

Managers and business users must leverage technology and data to remain abreast of developments, understand quality issues, service interruption, resource shortages and other critical business factors. Guess work is not good enough! Every user must know what is expected of them to perform their role and satisfy the goals and initiatives set forth by management.

Aumento BI Consulting team can help manufacturing business users to analyse cost factors and make appropriate decisions for acquisition of raw material and sold goods. Managers can leverage insight into the demand and supply trends in the market and ordering, shipping and inventory results to optimise investment and avoid short supply. The demand for integrated, consolidated, simple, concise information is greater than ever. With Aumento BI Consulting Services , your users can gather and analyse information from supply chain systems, enterprise resource planning solutions (ERP), sales and marketing and customer relationship management systems, purchasing, shipping and distribution systems, to gain insight into business processes, understand and resolve issues and forecast and predict demand for resources, supplies, inventory and equipment - directly on mobile devices or laptops / computers.

KPI / Analytics for Manufacturing

True business intelligence (BI) can support, grow and ensure the success of the manufacturing enterprise, and all its business functions and staff roles.
  • Inventory Optimisation - Inventory optimisation analysis enables the user to monitor warehouse inventory and optimise capacity. Users can also track inventory-carrying costs for obsolete and slow moving inventory
  • Financial Management - Financial management analysis facilitates budgeting, profitability and financial optimisation, and enables the user to monitor performance goals using financial Dashboards. Users can identify problem areas and increase accountability, and management visibility
  • Production Planning and Control - Aumento Consulting team can provide integrated view of ERP and supply chain systems to simplify reporting and analysis of production and control issues including asset, equipment and facilities management, resource and shift allocation, training, downtime, maintenance, target production and more!
  • Sales and Marketing - Aumento Team can enable simple, practical management of new product development, sales and marketing campaigns and performance by product, SKU, category, region, team, campaign and plan vs. actual results.
  • Supply Chain Management - BI for Supply chain management enables users to evaluate supply chain activities, and maximize vendor performance without compromising quality. Automatic alerts can be created for the users so that they can receive immediate notification of bottlenecks and possible shortages or quality issues
  • Operational Performance Management - BI in Operational Performance Management enables the organisation to establish and meet goals and track progress using a large volume of information, integrated from numerous enterprise systems and sources. Users can monitor the results of the organisation and create and share reports to comply with government and industry regulations
  • Profitability Management - BI in Profitability Management and Analysis helps users to evaluate risk trends and forecast profitability with dependable data.

Aumento BI Implementation for Manufacturing & Production - Benefits at a Glance
  • Perform price volume mix analysis
  • Ensure accurate, timely sales and marketing analysis to analyse results of campaigns and sales team and individual success by product, category, region, marketing campaign and other factors
  • Ensure cost management and installed base tracking
  • Establish and monitor metrics with data integrated from numerous systems to optimise production planning and control with KPI for Manufacturing
  • Monitor and analyse warranty claims and policies with KPI for Manufacturing perform factory operations analysis
  • Manage all factors and tasks within the supply chain including supplier relationships, raw materials, shipping, distribution, billing, quality, performance and more!
  • Ensure quality performance, establish with KPI for Manufacturing and metrics and monitor results
  • Establish goals for shipping performance and monitor results
  • Perform product life cycle analysis
  • Create facilities, equipment and resource plans for new products
  • Analyse and monitor resources to create optimum coverage per shift, location, skill and product with KPI for Manufacturing
  • Enable lean manufacturing initiatives by optimising all activities, quality initiatives, waste, scrap, resource allocations and equipment maintenance
  • Integrate all data within BI tool including data from existing data warehouses, ERP systems, etc.
  • Optimize throughput of supply chain operations by monitoring changes in demand and supply and transportation costs
  • Communicate decisions and promotion strategies to distributors, partners and customers
  • Analyze sales and marketing performance by product category, distributors, customers and regions, and take timely corrective measures in weaker areas
  • Meet the needs of the manufacturing enterprise with effective inventory management, financial reports, profitability by product and customer, sales and distributor performance, credit and billing analysis, cost and volume analysis, and more!